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BitcoinSand announces that the interest rate for btc deposits will be modified to 0.01% per day as of January 1, 2014. At the same time, deposit ceiling of BitcoinSand will rise to 10,000 btc.


BitcoinSand aims to be the first online bank for bitcoins.

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Why BitcoinSand?

When you deposit your BTC with BitcoinSand, you will receive a steady daily payment of 0.01% of your deposited balance (up to 999 BTC), and you can withdraw your BTC whenever you like.

Why should you trust BitcoinSand?

Trust is hard to come by in the bitcoin world. Obviously, there is no way that we can 100% prove that we are a legitimate operation, but we offer the following points as evidence that you can trust us.

A Bitfund Company

BitcoinSand is a Bitfund.Pe company. Bitfund is a bitcoin-denominated private equity fund based in Beijing.


Fully-funded: BitcoinSand has already been reliably sending out interest payments to our depositors for nearly a month.

Publicly Verifiable

All deposits and interest payments are in the blockchain, and viewable to the public.


The BitcoinSand website is merely for informational purposes. All deposits are held in cold storage, and the only information we collect from our depositors is their email address. A website hack would not put any depositor money nor personal information at risk.


We are backed by Lixiaolai’s personal guarantee. If funds are lost for any reason, Lixiaolai will personally cover the loss to make sure our depositors lose no money. (Lixiaolai is one of China’s foremost bitcoin personalities)

  • he was featured in the CCTV documentary on Bitcoin. link
  • he has a Baidu Encyclopedia article link
  • @xiaolai on twitter: